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Poster: LewTucker Date: Sep 5, 2003 12:14pm
Forum: sflan Subject: sflan6 back online

Sflan6 is back online and ready to be updated.
I finally got back up on the roof and
replaced the flash memory card.

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Poster: SpainBoy Date: Oct 13, 2003 4:58am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: sflan6 back online

I just moved to a flat on Collingwood between 18th Street and Market. I saw that your node seems to be in the neighborhood.

I'd like to set up an soup-can antenae to connect to your node and if it seems to be working, would be happy to kick in a bit each month (like say $10 or so) to help out. My building is quite tall and I have easy rooftop access, so this set-up should work.

So where is the node at (approximate cross streets), so I can point the thing?

If you would like to reach me directly, my email address is: daveed at